Corporate Wellness

‘Because when your employees thrive, so does your organisation’

'Inspiring Changes'
'The Corporate Wellness Initiative'

BSPA supports companies wanting to enhance the physical and mental well-being of their employees and integrate a wellness system into their practice.

Whether an organisation is taking its initial steps towards corporate wellness or has an existing space or procedures that require an update, we offer guidance on the foundation and infrastructure to establish and maintain workplace wellness initiatives, improve health-related productivity, and enhance morale and staff retention.

'Step 1'
Business Assessment

In-depth review of company wellness initiatives, work environment dynamics and identification of potential hazards. We conduct survey screenings and assessments to map areas for improvement and tailor wellness programs accordingly. 

'Step 2'
Corporate Wellness

Setting up a range of programs, activities, and resources to encourage employees in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles, both physically and mentally. We focus on introducing simple yet highly effective wellness schemes that boost recovery and productivity while minimising stress levels.

'Step 3'

Creating a complete wellness concept that corresponds with the approved business objectives, targets and investment parameters.

Recommendation of suppliers, equipment selection, tendering process and technical requirements.

'Step 4'
Execution & Management

Full support during the project execution and delivery stage. Wellness workshops and equipment/activities training with quarterly management and review of performance and progress. 

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