Beauty Centres

‘Designed to elevate the senses, embrace the tranquillity and indulge in relaxation’

Our beauty department is dedicated to researching and recommending the optimal solutions for crafting a world of holistic rejuvenation and well-being. An approach designed to nurture the body, calm the mind, and lift the spirit of your guests through carefully selected massage and beauty treatments.

We strive to maximise the effectiveness of treatments and place significant prominence on the fundamental aspects of WHAT and WHY, delving into the recommended procedures for clients and their intended purpose and effects.

Beauty Consultancy & Design Service

Our array of integrated services is geared towards fortifying market positioning, facilitating growth, refining the sales process, and implementing effective customer acquisition strategies.

We stay abreast of the latest innovations and trends in beauty treatments and equipment, aligning them with customer requirements and expectations to formulate and implement a multi-platform strategy aimed at cultivating trust, inspiring loyalty, and delivering substantial value.

‘Relax, rejuvenate, repeat’

Treatments Selection

Selecting the most appropriate combination of treatment styles and massage methodologies with further development and incorporation of exclusive brand features.

The unwavering commitment of our wellness consultants to continuous learning enables BSPA to present a versatile range of options, effectively addressing the diverse needs of each beauty centre and its guests.

‘The Quality in Service’

Training Wellness Professionals

Full training in all prevalent and effective massage and beauty techniques employed by holistic therapists. 

BSPA works in partnership with various International Massage Academies to ensure that your therapists gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for proficiently administering a beauty procedure or a full-body massage treatment that leaves your guests recharged and well-impressed. 

Feasibility & pre-PLANNING

‘Define, Prioritise, Achieve’

  1. Stakeholders’ Meeting, Initial Site Visit & Assessment​
  2. Project Purpose, Aims & Objectives
  3. Scope of work, Design Standards, Preferences & Initial Idea Development
  4. Additional Specialists’ Assessment (based on the scope of work) 
  5. Draft Treatment Styles & Massage Methodologies
  6. Zoning, Area Allocation & Focal Points
  7. Conceptual Design Document & Layout
  8. Market Assessment & Competitive Analysis
  9. Beauty Centre Management, Staff Structure & Resource Allocation
  10. Business Feasibility Report,  Equipment Cost Projection & Suppliers
  11. Business Profitability & Investment Plan
  12. Brand Development Options & Positioning
  13. Project Schedule
  14. Stakeholders’ Meeting & Review of Initial Proposal 

beauty Centre Design

‘Creating Long-Lasting Solutions’

Stage 1: Concept Creation

  1. M&E: Secondary Site Visit & Determination of FSAL 
  2. Additional Inspection Personnel & Consultants (if required)
  3. Site Evaluation Report (EVARE)
  4. Client Review & Approval of EVARE
  5. Concept Development: Mood Boards, Layouts, Colours, Shapes, Material Samples & Interior Features Configuration
  6. Resource Planning,  Costs & Timelines 
  7. Client Review & Approval

Stage 2: Design & Operations

  1. Interior Features & Equipment Data Sheets
  2. Final Layout, 2D/3D & Video Rendering 
  3. Business Proposal & Presentation for Banking Purposes
  4. Preparation of Pre-tender Documents
  5. Client Review & Approval
  6. Prepare Interior & Architectural Spec (excl Shop Drawings) & Schedules
  7. Design Coordination (FF&E, M&E, CEP & CWP, other specialist where needed)
  8. Manage Tender Applications & Meetings with Contractors
  9. Present Contractors’ Information & Support in Selection Process
  10. Cost Monitor,  Review & Update of Initial Projections, Price Positioning Strategy, ROI
  11. Client Review & Approval of Contractors, Costs & Final Investment Analysis

Equipment Selection

‘Premium Class Partners’

  1. Identify Suitable Equipment Suppliers (based on the spa concept & project objectives)
  2. Tendering Process &  Exclusive Agreements
  3. Quality Requirements, Bespoke Equipment & Service Packages
  4. Negotiation on Behalf of Investor (when approved and within investors’ guidelines)
  5. Coordinate Design Team, Architect & In-house Specialists with Suppliers

beauty centres realisation

‘From Vision to Reality’

Construction, Quality Control & Handover

  1. Contact Point for FF&E Contractors & On-site PM
  2. Planned Site Visits & Review of Work Progress (between stages)
  3. Coordination of FF&E & Equipment Manufacturers 
  4. Contact Point: Investor – Contractors – PM – Investor
  5. Quality Review & Project Handover


  1. Suggested Management Software & Operational Systems
  2. SOP Documents 
  3. Advice on Sound System
  4. Advice on Staff Uniform
  5. Advice on Staff Recruitment Process, Job Description, Salaries & Commission Structures (where applicable)
  6. Assist with Staff Recruitment Process
  7. Equipment Training 
  8. Manager & Staff Training 
  9. Expert Assistance (where needed)
  10. Training Maintenance & Cleaning 
  11. Brand book
  12. Pre-opening & Operational Budget 
  13. Welcoming Guests: Approach & Procedures


  1. Menu Design & Print 
  2. Design Promotional Materials (Print & Digital)
  3. Advertising Content Guide 
  4. Marketing Strategy & Positioning

Treatments Selection & Staff Training

‘The Quality in Service’

  1. Proposal for Beauty Treatments,  Suitable Massage & Body Therapies (based on the project objective & conceptual design)
  2. Development & incorporation of exclusive brand features in massage methodologies
  3. Suggested Massage & Beauty Supplies 
  4. Therapist Training
  5. Massage Methodologies & Operational Procedures
  6. Day-to-day operations training
  7. Development of treatment packages
  8. Therapist Level Training & Certification (where applicable)

beauty centres management

‘With Care from BSPA’

Active Operational Support Post Opening

  1. Review of Performance, KPI Analysis & Action Planning
  2. Annual Business Plans & Budgeting
  3. Annual Marketing Strategy Development & Quarterly Evaluation of Implementation
  4. Optimisation of Strategy (if necessary)
  5. Brand Book & SOP Reviews
  6. Onsite & Online Staff Training 
  7. Treatments Menu Update
  8. Brand Evaluation & Further Development
  9. Regular Support Calls 

Bespoke Service for a Theme Days & Special Occasions

  1. Budget Preparation & Analysis 
  2. Preparation of Design Concept and Event Theme
  3. Organisation of guest therapist (where needed) 
  4. Present Mood Boards, Colours, Promotional Message
  5. FF&E
  6. Design Visuals
  7. Client Review & Approval
  8. Resource Suppliers: Food, Drink, Interior Features & Decoration 
  9. Event Program Development 
  10. Assist in Menu Preparation
  11. Client Review & Approval of Entire Concept
  12. Assist with Resource Management & Execution (where needed)

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