Our expertise

‘Embarking on a journey to create a successful spa and wellness business requires more than ambition; it demands insight, strategy, and a deep understanding of the industry’.

This is where our expertise comes into play.

'Our expertise makes a difference'

'The Science'

Unveiling the “know-how” behind crafting remarkable spa centres and experiences is our tailored approach to delivering wellness.

By collaborating with various international research institutes and independent consultants, we maintain a leading position in the wellness sector and a profound knowledge and understanding of the latest innovations and practices in the field. Our wellness specialists are equipped with the skills and enthusiasm to guarantee the finest quality, hygiene, and longevity.

The Materials

With the assistance of our partners and internal experts, we evaluate material properties, examine their antibacterial characteristics, verify compliance with standards, and assess suitability for specific applications. We adeptly manage the selection and specifications of materials within each project to ensure quality in performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

By analysing these properties in conjunction with project requirements and environmental factors, our engineers recommend materials that offer optimal reliability in the specific operating conditions of a spa and wellness centre, harnessing their full potential to unlock competitive advantages.

The Equipment

As the industry grows, so does the choice of spa products. BSPA has an extensive knowledge of equipment specifications and material properties, providing invaluable insight into the options available. When selecting spa equipment and manufacturers, we focus on antibacterial properties, technology, functionality, and durability, along with tailoring options for each project.

Being keen on hygiene and chemical-free products, we remain vigilant regarding formaldehyde, polyepoxides, EMF and ELF levels, and other harmful compounds that should not be present in a spa centre. We consult clients about the pros and cons of a specific product or product line and suggest the best fit according to the project objectives and desired outcome. 

The Treatments

In formulating the treatment menu, we carefully assess numerous modalities renowned for their distinct physical and mental revitalisation advantages. Our selection criteria prioritise treatment effectiveness, alignment with project objectives, appeal to end-users, and the expertise needed for execution.

BSPA partners with global wellness institutions and independent consultants to remain at the forefront of industry standards and treatment trends across diverse demographic segments. Our approach ensures comprehensive staff and therapist training, enabling us to consistently meet evolving client needs and preferences.

the Dietary

In alignment with the chosen equipment and available treatments, our consultants provide advice and create nutrition packages aimed at reestablishing the psycho-physical balance of your guests following a spa session or treatment. 

We consider the full spectrum of procedures available at your facility and their impact on both body and mind to suggest the ideal selection of food and beverages to be consumed before or after treatments and spa sessions. 

'Elevating Senses'
'The Holistic Integration'

BSPA embraces tradition to construct a seamless blend of various wellness practices, treatments, and services and address the diverse needs of clients on physical, mental, and emotional fronts. We push beyond simply offering individual treatments and instead focus on creating cohesive and comprehensive experiences, carefully curated to promote relaxation, balance, and renewal on all levels.

We recognise the transformative power of colour, sound and aromatherapy in elevating the senses and nurturing overall well-being. By harnessing their therapeutic potential, we are able to introduce a new wellness concept that honours both tradition and innovation.

BSPA has holistic mentors skilled in traditional Ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, and the psychology of shapes, colours, and sounds, all working together to spread the magic of healing to every corner of the spa – from interior features to treatments and well-being procedures.

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